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Wisdom teeth removal at Gawler’s dental practice

Not everyone will need their wisdom teeth removed, but if you start to feel discomfort, then it’s best to visit your dentist. If the area is swollen or sore, we can assess the area and determine the best course of action, however leaving painful wisdom teeth without being seen to by a dentist can cause some very serious problems and risk of infections.

Wisdom teeth removal

Our compassionate dentists at Gawler & Districts Dental Care provide wisdom teeth removal services for patients throughout the Gawler area, so you can always expect a caring approach from our trusted team. 

For those more nervous patients, we can provide IV sedation from qualified anaesthetists as necessary, so you will only be partially aware of what’s going on. We can also safely administer nitrous oxide, (laughing gas), which is ideal for patients with mild to moderate levels of anxiety.
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At Gawler & Districts Dental Care, we can monitor your wisdom teeth as they emerge to ensure that they don’t risk damaging your existing teeth, and to prevent overcrowding in the mouth. Wisdom teeth can come through at any time from your late teens to your early twenties and are the final set of molars you will get.
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Call us today on 08 8522 4838 for more information about our wisdom teeth removal services in Gawler.
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