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The key to a confident smile lies in good oral hygiene and at Gawler & Districts Dental Care, we’re committed to helping our patients achieve a healthy routine in whatever way we can. Our supportive dental team offers advice and guidance on how to look after your teeth and gums, as we believe that preventative dentistry is just as important as restorative. Whether it’s your children’s teeth or your own adult teeth, maintaining your smile and keeping to a reliable dental hygiene routine will always ensure the best results.

Our dental hygiene services

At Gawler & Districts Dental Care, we recommend that patients get regular check-ups every six months, and during these, we can assist with all of your dental hygiene concerns and issues. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and then advise you accordingly with regards to your personal oral hygiene regime.
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It may be that this needs to be adapted in some way, and we’ll make sure you receive advice that addresses your individual needs. From offering advice about flossing and brushing to the advantages of different types of toothpastes and mouthwashes, we can answer all of your questions, helping you towards a happier, healthier smile.
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