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With one in five Australian children sustaining dental injury before the age of 14, it’s best to protect their teeth and gums wherever you can, and mouth guards can do just this. At Gawler & Districts Dental Care we create and fit custom mouth guards in Gawler and the surrounding areas, that are ideal for everyone who plays any form of sports.
Unlike over-the-counter varieties, made-to-measure mouth guards provide much more focused protection, as they’re moulded to fit the wearer’s individual mouth. This means that any impacts sustained during play will be absorbed by the mouth guard, preventing broken teeth and injuries to the lips, face, jaw or tongue.

Recommended by dentists

Custom-made mouth guards are the only ones recommended by dentists due to their precise fit and enhanced protection. If you wish to acquire a tailor-made mouth guard, come in and visit our caring dentists at Gawler & Districts Dental Care to discuss your needs, and then we’ll simply take a mould of your teeth. This mould will then be used to create a made-to-measure mouth guard that fits you and you alone.
dentist holding mouth guard with gloves
At your next appointment, you will try on your new mouth guard and make any small adjustments as necessary before you leave. With your mouth guard in place, playing contact sports need no longer be a worry, and costly and painful dental problems can be avoided.
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